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Nov 4

A couple of feelgood games is just what we needed


After the ugly 0-5 start, the Kings have given us two nice wins to provide some hope. I liked that the victories were total contrasts of each other. A gritty nail biter down to the wire against the Jazz, and a runaway blowout vs. the Knicks. This team can win in several ways. They just need to realize that nothing will be handed to them.


Perhaps the poor start was the wakeup call they needed. The team seems to be playing for each other again. Unselfish passing, and lots of communication on defense has been clear over the past few games.


The competition steps up in a big way on Wednesday in Toronto. Even if they don’t get the win, I want to see this same level of intensity for 48 minutes.



New Posts
  • I can’t tell. Are the Kings really a team that has turned the corner over the last 6 games? Or are the Lakers not quite as good as everyone (and their record) says they are? This new-found thing called defense has really come on in a rather surprising fashion for Sacramento of late. I mean Kayte C on the telecast mentioned that the team was near the bottom in defensive rating during the first 5 games but have rocketed to near the top spot in their next 5. They totally shut down the Lakers offense tonight. If it wasn’t for the free throw disparity, we might be talking about one of the biggest upsets of this young season. But LA does have LBJ and AD, and superstars win games. Regardless, I don’t see any reason why fans should be pulling the plug on this season. This team will be able to hold their own until Bagley and Fox return. They are currently only two games out of the 8th spot and I still don’t have faith that the Suns, Mavs, and Wolves will hold up their hot play over time. Bring on the Celtics!
  • Last night’s win over Portland was encouraging, but let’s be honest, the competition is about to ramp up slightly. The Next five games feature @Lakers, Celtics, Suns, @Nets, and @Wizards. The goal is to try to win at least 3 out of every 5 games. So far, 0-5 and 4-1. They are trending in the right direction. While I look forward to every battle against the Lakers, I’m not holding my breath for this one. Maybe we’ll get lucky and some AD load-management protocol will kick in for Friday’s game? Although crazier things have happened, the Kings tend to flop in big games against LA. The Celtics have the leagues best record, but they have been bitten by the injury bug of late and G1C will be rocking. A chance? 12:30 starts in Sac rarely go well as I’ve been to too many early start family games of late and always seem to walk out disappointed. I truly believe the Kings will be highly motivated when they get their rematch with Phoenix next Tuesday. Deandre Ayton killed them last time, but he’s out. If the Kings can control Devon Booker like they controlled Damian Lillard last night, they might be able to pull that one off. Revenge games are always fun. Remember the Utah games earlier this season? The Nets are a one-man show with Kyrie Irving and I personally think he is going to destroy all the good vibes they built up last season. They are very beatable but tend to really beat down on the Kings every year. Tossup. Same goes for the Wizards. Every year we go into that road game thinking we’ll get right and walk out feeling so very wrong. 3-2? It could happen, but the variants are very big, and we’ll just have to wait and see. Regardless, there is no way we should be even considering throwing in the towel so early in the season. Right now, the Kings are only two games out of the 8th spot.
  • After quite a while off-the-grid, I’m excited to finally bring back SacKings.com. A lot has happened over the past few seasons and the Kings are looking like they are posed for a fun run over the next few years. Vlade Divac has really put his fingerprints all over this current roster and is determined to complete some unfinished business from the early 2000s. I’m not sure what direction this new version of the site will go during the season, but I’m looking forward to getting back to writing some articles and sharing my thoughts on the team. I welcome all who want to join in and speak their mind as well. Let’s go!