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Hield frustrated with the Bubble, role with Kings

Buddy Hield is never shy about expressing his opinions, and Thursday afternoon was no exception.

Following the Sacramento Kings 136-122 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers to wrap up the 8-game Bubble league and the 2019-20 season, Hield was very brief with the media during his post-game Zoom session. He looked like a man ready to get the hell out of Disney.

While the fourth-year sharp-shooter did not come right out and explicitly say it, he responded to questions about his feelings regarding being content with his role with the team as a sixth man very clearly.

“Ya’ll know me. Ya’ll know how I talk. Ya’ll know how I feel…I will let Ya’ll answer that for yourselves”, snapped Hield.

The truth is, Buddy is about to enter a four-year extension with the Kings that will pay him a reported $86 million, with individual and team performance incentives worth an additional $20 million. He does not have much leverage at this point. He can mope and whine, but in the end, he will have to play for a chance to get those$5 million in first-year incentives.

Vlade Divac and the front office will likely need to consider Hield’s attitudes this summer when they make their decision on whether to bring back starting shooting guard Bogdan Bogdanovic. They have several options. Let Bogi go and start Buddy. Sign Bogi and trade Buddy. Or sign Bogi and keep Buddy, and one of them will need to come off the bench next year.

Whatever they choose, someone will be unhappy. But this is the NBA, it is a business, and no one is ever truly happy when the game they love is turned into a business.

I honestly believe this is just another case of Buddy being Buddy. Sure, his ego tells him that he is a starter in the NBA, but his defense says otherwise. Once Hield can stop being the weak link on defense in the opponent’s scouting report, he can earn that starting role back.

He should look at this as a challenge to be better, not as a right that was taken away from him.

But do not get me wrong. I love Buddy, and look forward to him bombing three-pointers for the Kings next season. Whenever that is.

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