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Kings try to paint SacTown red with new City Edition uniforms

Marvin Bagley dawning the team's new City Edition uniform

The Sacramento kings recently revealed their 2019 Nike City Edition Uniforms, and they are red. Very red.

In holding to their City Edition tradition, the team has decided to forgo any sense of creativity or connection with the Sacramento region and just copy last season’s version with a different color scheme.

This year the theme is red, as they have played out the baby blues for long enough. They swapped out the primary color and wove the usual grey, white, and baby blue throughout the uni and slapped on the traditional “SacTown” name on the front to link them with the city. They look like rather colorful summer league jerseys.

“The City Edition uniforms were made to represent the Proud Past and Proud Future of our Kings here in Sacramento,” said team President of Business Operations John Rinehart. “With red as the primary color, they represent that passion and energy that has echoed through our arena and helps celebrate the team’s 35th year in Sactown.”

Sacramento Kings 2019-20 City Edition uniform

The team will dawn their new threads during seven home games in the 2019-20 season along with their red, white, and blue classic court.

Fan response has been mixed so far. Some are excited by the retro color scheme, while others are bored with it already and confused why the team went red.

The Kings and Nike really need to step up their uni game next season and come up with a theme that truly captures the essence of the city and region of Sacramento. Otherwise, we will just end up with the same uniforms as previous years, but next time grey will be the primary color.

Be sure to check out the other team City Editions that have been released so far in Pete Blackburn’s column Grading the 2019-20 NBA ‘City’ uniforms. The best and worst jerseys from across the league. Sacramento wasn't the only team that missed the point.

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