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Kings will pick at 12 in 2020 NBA Draft

The lottery gods did not come through this year. The Sacramento Kings will have the 12th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, and they really have nothing to complain about, as that is where they were supposed to pick according to the odds.

Starting point guard De’Aaron Fox represented the team via the virtual draft lottery and seemed rather chill by the results. Two years earlier, he was present for the Kings’ surprising move up to the second position, where they later selected Duke standout Marvin Bagley.

New Interim Executive Vice-President Joe Dumars has a lot of options at 12, and the prognosticators will spend the next two months making all sorts of wild guesses on what the Kings will do on the night of the NBA Draft.

The team could trade the pick with another player for some quality talent in return. Trade up for a better pick. Trade down for multiple picks. Or even keep it and try to find a nice role player in the late lottery range. No one can say they truly know what Sacramento will do this year.

At least you are not a fan of the New York Knicks. They were slotted to pick sixth, but hoped to sneak into the top spot, and ended up at eighth when both Charlotte and Chicago jumped them in the lottery.

Now, that is a cursed team.

The Minnesota Timberwolves ultimately snagged the top spot with the Golden State Warriors coming in at number two.

The NBA Draft is currently slated to take place on October 16, but recent reports have indicated that the date might slip by a few weeks to give the league more time to determine the revenue implications on the forthcoming salary cap. Either way, Sacramento will have picks 12, 35, 43, and 52 to work with.

It should be another fun night.

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