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These games are getting hard to watch, Kings thumped again

The Sacramento Kings have completely fallen off a cliff as they suffered their third-straight defeat following a disheartening 137-106 loss to the Golden State Warriors Monday night at the Chase Center. The loss dropped the squad to 3-4 for the season..

De’Aaron Fox and Harrison Barnes each scored 18 points to lead Sacramento. Buddy Hield continued his rather so-so season start with just ten points on 3-of-11 shooting from deep.

Marvin Bagley looked like a 19-year-old rookie who is too scared to mix it up in the paint. Once again, he was outplayed by his opponent and finished with just five points on 2-of-9 shooting. He is not in any sort of a rhythm right now and it is hurting the team.

But this loss cannot be pinned on Marvin, the entire team stunk tonight.

The Kings return home for a much-needed 7-game homestand where they can get some practice time in and figure out what happened to both their offense and defense.

The Chicago Bulls limp into town on Wednesday and if there was ever a chance to get healthy, that should be the time. Jinx!

Quick Notes

  • After shooting a season-low 38.9 percent from the field on Saturday, the Kings topped that Monday night by hitting just 37.8 percent of their shots.

  • Sacramento was just 10-35 (28.6%) from deep, while Golden State hit 23-43 (53.5%).

  • Golden State jumped out to a quick 8-0 start and never trailed.

  • The Kings did hold the Warriors to just three offensive rebounds for the game, but that was likely due to their 52.6 shooting percentage from the field for the night and there was not much of a need for an offensive rebound.

Post-game Interviews

Pre-game Interviews

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